PEGA Decisioning (CPDC) Interview Questions Part 1

Hello All

In this series of posts, i will be sharing most frequently asked PEGA Decisioning interview questions for everyone.

Along with providing the answers, i will strive myself to explain each and every question practically with screenshots.

Question : How to run a strategy?

Answer : We can run strategy using the test run panel or by running the strategy standalone from Actions > Run.

As u run the strategy, you will get the strategy results on the same applies to class in form of pages.

Question : How to Unit Test a Strategy?

Answer: Strategy can be tested by running it from the test run panel.

  • Open the strategy that you would like to unit test.
  • Click on the < icon on the right side panel to open the test run panel.
  • Expand the settings icon.
  • Now , select from the 3 types of data on which u want to test the strategy.
    • Data Transform – pyDefault
    • Data set – Run this strategy on any configured data sets.
    • Data Flow – Run this strategy on any configured data flows.
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