About us

About us

About us

CrazyMinds Story

CrazyMinds is an Indian Entrepreneur Initiative to launch a practical skillset training that more focusses on realtime skill training than theoritical and conventional coachings.

Our motto is impart knowledge that more helps while working with clients at job location rather than a theoritical understanding that doesnot help during implementation.

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CrazyMinds is the best!

While we focus mostly on training using practical scenarios and live like examples, Its more important that we do that in a very affordable prices.

Crazyminds is an affordable yet highly effective teaching program for all courses as it quickly allows you to settle and comfort during jobs. 

We are thus proved to be the best!

CrazyMinds online courses

We provide both instructor led training as well online course purchases.

If you wish to enroll into online courses and DIY yourself, its much more affordable.

And you get all the material that a instructor led student usually receives. Ofcourse, except the instructor assistance!

What difference?

Both the instructor led and online course videos are equally the same recordings. However instructor-led trainings have extra edge to clarify live doubts and raise questions during the session.

Our online courses too come with the option to clarify the doubts but patience matters here. But if you are looking for an affordable learning, Online courses are better.


Our Best Instructor

The speaker bio is typically used in the programs at conferences, they may be used on the
organization’s website when promoting the event.

Eden Hezard

Designer, Marketo

Jim Brown

Marketer, Marketo

Thomas Silva

Developer, Marketo

Waytte Tylor

Designer, Marketo

Mark Smith

CEO, Marketo

Adam Lyn

GM, Marketo

Chris Tylor

CCO, Marketo

Rown Bili

Adviser, Marketo

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